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the pioneer. Everything You Need To Know About Periods.

Two women wearing DAME period pants with organic cotton tampons
Two women wearing DAME period pants with organic cotton tampons


Are Period Pants Leak Proof?

Let’s address the big question on every potential period pant user's mind - can you really trust reusable period underwear to contain leaks? Many wonder if innovation has truly made...

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Can you wear period pants overnight?

If you dread leakage and discomfort that can come with wearing pads or tampons to bed, you may be wondering if period pants are a reliable overnight option. At DAME,...

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Do Period Pants Actually Smell?

If you’re considering trying reusable period underwear, a common question arises - do period pants smell? It makes sense to worry about odours from catching menstrual blood so close to...

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Do Period Pants Work For Heavy Flows?

If you experience particularly heavy menstrual flows, you may be wondering - do period pants actually work for heavy periods? Don’t worry, it's a common question for those considering switching...

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Are Period Pants Actually Comfortable?

When considering switching to reusable period underwear, one of the biggest questions people have is: are period pants comfortable? After all, no one wants to wear uncomfortable underwear, especially while...

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How Do Period Pants Actually Work?

Have you ever wondered exactly how period pants manage to absorb blood while still feeling dry? With sustainable period options like reusable pads and menstrual cups already available, the question...

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dame's reusable period pants

Can Period Pants Be Reused?

When it comes to sustainable period care, reusable period pants are becoming increasingly popular. But with so many brands and styles of reusable period underwear on the market, an important...

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10 Benefits of Using Period Pants

Welcome to a new era of period care with period pants! In this article, we're talking all things period pants. We'll uncover the advantages of choosing period pants over traditional,...

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Herbal Remedies for Period Pain

Tired of battling menstrual cramps? Well, we feel you! But here's some good news – there are natural remedies out there that can help you find relief without the not-so-fun...

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Sustainable Period Products: The Health Benefits

Choosing sustainable period products like menstrual cups, organic tampons and reusable pads can have various health benefits compared to conventional disposable options. From reducing irritation and dryness to lowering your...

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