Bleed Red. Think Green.

Meet D, the world's first reusable tampon applicator.

Period technology for the 21st century.

Why throw away billions of pieces of plastic, when you can keep one?


D uses antimicrobial technology found in nature to help keep it hygienic.

It's packed full of features, making it 100% keepable. 



    Made of Mediprene® by UK medical engineers. BPA free, leak free, and built for the body.


    Antimicrobial Sanipolymers® inside the Mediprene® act as sterilisers, actively helping it stay clean. Up to 99% effective within 24hrs.

  3. Smooth as silk

    The semi-gloss matt finish and ergonomic design makes D the most comfortable applicator you'll ever use. 

built for life

Beautifully crafted to fit your lifestyle. Every D comes with a travel pouch for easy storage, and the promise of free replacement - it's built for life.

D DAME bathroom eco sustainable toothbrush tampon


Big things come from small changes. D works like any applicator, fits all standard tampons sizes, but you keep it.

Link to Kickstarter

We've received some great international press. Change is coming.

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"One day or day one. You decide."