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Avoid health risks from bad ingredients and experience lighter, shorter or less painful periods.

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Two women wearing DAME period pants with organic cotton tampons
Toxin free
Plastic free
Phthalate free
Pesticide free
Organic Cotton
Chemical free
Carbon Negative
Fragrance free

Isn't it time?

We're Celia and Alec and we believe periods should be better for your body and the planet. Our organic and reusable products make switching to comfortable and more sustainable periods easy.

Toxin-free periods.

We were shocked by the synthetic ingredients in mainstream brands that shed plastic fibres. So we launched 100% organic cotton tampons, free from plastic and chemicals. Many of our community experience lighter, shorter or less painful periods in just 90 days. What are you waiting for?

Plastic is rubbish.

100 billion plastic period products are thrown away each year, ending up in landfills and on our beaches. 1.3 million plastic applicators are flushed down UK loos every day. So we launched the world's first reusable tampon applicator on Kickstarter... and so far have saved over 22 million!

Since then we’ve gone on to create a whole range of period care products with the highest sustainability and effectiveness standards at their core. Organic, re-usable and free from toxic chemicals - we see that as a starting point.

“DAME is to sustainable tampons what Tampax are to plastic tampons“




toxic ingredients have been found in traditional tampons and pads.

7.5 years

how long a tampon user will have one inside their body when added together.


farmers die each year due to pesticide exposure, according to the UN.

Our mission

Creating a world where periods hold no body back.

Benefit Corporation

We use our business as a force for good, legally seeing our societal and environmental mission as a core business objective.

Certified Vegan

We've been assessed by a third party to be Vegan, this means nothing we use in the making of our products are animal-derived.

Carbon Insetting

We invest in renewable energy and regenerative farming, which sequesters carbon and creates positive impacts for communities and ecosystems.

Changing the game.

When a customer sent us a picture of them dancing with their tampon string out, we asked if we could put her on the side of 200 London buses. It was rejected, but we fought hard and it was the first time a tampon string had been used in public advertising, setting a new standard.

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