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Can period pants be used by themselves?

If you're new to reusable period underwear, one common question is: can period pants be used by themselves without any other period products? Or is it best or even necessary to wear a pad with them?

With so many new period products available now, it can get confusing figuring out if period pants fully replace disposables. Read on for advice on how period pants work and answers on whether you need to use pads with period underwear.

Do you have to wear pads with period pants?

The short answer - no, you do not need to wear pads with period pants! One of the key benefits of period pants is that, when chosen and cared for properly, period pants are designed to fully manage your flow all on their own, and be reused time after time.

Advanced period pants like DAME’s contain multiple built-in layers to absorb and trap fluid, wick away wetness, and contain leaks, keeping you fully protected and comfortable. 

Here’s some key signs to look out for to make sure your period underwear will keep you covered solo:

  • A high quality multi-layer absorbent core pulls moisture completely away from the skin's surface using technologies like organic cotton fibres and fast-wicking fabrics. This top layer stays dry to the touch while rapid absorption happens under the surface across inner levels.
  • A moisture-locking lining backed by waterproof edging then ensures all fluid remains securely contained within the absorbent core, eliminating leaks or overflow side-to-side or front-to-back.
  • Water-resistant wicking bands surround leg and waist openings to provide full leak protection coverage. This advanced zoned construction means wetness gets locked in the core while the outer layers stay breathably dry.

With this smart soak-it-up and contain approach, period pants are fully equipped to handle wear all on their own, with no need for period pads or other products. The built-in layering does all the absorption and protection work for you.

Is it best to use period pants with period pads?

While quality period pants perform extremely well solo without pads or other products, some like to use reusable period pads for extra backup. This can help manage extremely heavy flows or give added security with specific styles.


For those dealing with very heavy menstrual flows, wearing a pad in tandem with high-absorbency period pants can allow you to wear them a bit longer between changes. Adding pads essentially boosts fluid capacity.

Additionally, on light days whilst wearing thong or shortie period pants with less built-in absorbency focused in the gusset region, a small pad adds backup coverage in case of leaks from heavier-than-expected spotting or an unexpected gush. That said, with the right level panty, leaks should still not occur.

Some people also simply feel more secure pairing a pad or organic tampon with their new period underwear until they adjust to relying solely on the built-in protection. 

Put simply, while properly designed period panties need no reinforcement, adding pads can be worthwhile for extra heavy flows or peace of mind while getting used to your period pants. 

Can I use DAME period pants on their own?

Whether DAME period panties can be worn solo or not comes down to your individual flow and preferences. But, in short, our leakproof period pants are designed to fully manage your period all on its own.

All DAME pants feature an absorbency rating indicating how much period blood they can handle - from light to high absorbency. We also have night period pants, for a super secure night during your period. Simply choose the level needed for your flow.

For many, DAME underwear provides full standalone protection even on heavy days thanks to our multi-layer absorbent system designed to rapidly wick away fluid. But, you can use DAME period panties as backup when wearing a cup, pad, or tampon if preferred. 

We recommend trying your first DAME pair solo at home to understand how our patented underwear works best for your body. The ultra-soft, breathable fabrics and cooling leakproof construction are made for all-day confidence without requiring other products. But you can always add a liner or interlabial pad for extra confidence as you adjust to the switch from single-use period products.


Tips for using period pants without pads 

Ready to use your new period underwear without pads or backup? Follow this key advice to get exceptional solo performance:

  • Select the right absorbency level

Choose from light, medium or heavy flow panties depending on your personal needs each day of your cycle.

  • Size up if between sizes

Choosing the next size up ensures complete coverage to handle potential shifting leaks or unexpected gushing. 

  • Change every 4-8 hours

To stay fresh even on heavy flow days going solo, set calendar reminders to change period pants twice a day or every 4-8 hours.

  • Always have backups

Have 2-5 pairs on hand to rotate while others wash to ensure you have a clean, dry pair ready when needed to change. 

Ditch disposables for good

With smart use, you can feel fully secure wearing period panties all on their own. Ditch the disposables for good and let your underwear manage your flow in comfort and style.

Shop DAME's leak-proof pants carefully designed to be worn without pads or leaks.

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