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Thong Period Pant

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Soft and super absorbent organic cotton thong with odour control technology for spotting, light leaks, discharge and backup to your tampon or cup.

A comfy, barely-there style for those just-in-case days. Made with a wide-stretch waistband. Fits true to size.

For best results, rinse your pants in cold water, then add to an existing dark wash up to 40 degrees. More.

Body: 90% organic cotton 10% spandex

Gusset Liner: 100% responsible cotton, with botanical odor control HeiQ Mint and quick-drying finishes 

Waterproof Gusset Inner: 90% responsible cotton 10% polyester with PU lamination, with HEIQ Mint botanical odor control

Waterproof Layer: 100% polyester

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Thong Period Pant


Our underwear


Quickly draws liquid away from your skin.

Keeps you dry

Absorbs liquid for up to 8hrs.

Leak freee

5 layers with a waterproof backing.


Hypoallergenic cotton against your skin.

Odour proof

Natural freshMNT™ technology.


How Do DAME Reusable Period Pants Work?

DAME period pants are made with responsibly sourced and organic cotton fabrics which feel soft against your skin, and absorbent cotton rich inner layers to capture your flow. 

The unique gusset construction acts as a waterproof barrier to side leaks and our gusset fabric is powered by a revolutionary textile technology which dynamically responds to temperature conditions providing you cooling comfort during wear. 

This means your period pants will feel dry all day long and stay odour-proof thanks to effective and sustainable odour control inside the absorbent layers.

How Often Should I Change My DAME Reusable Period Pants?

We recommend changing your period pants every 6-8 hours. That said, it’s a good idea to check them more frequently the first few times you wear them to understand how they work for you and your flow.

Can I Use DAME Period Pants On Their Own?

This really depends on you and your flow. Period pants are a great replacement for traditional period products, however you can also use them as a backup with your tamponcup or even pad

All of our period pants have an absorbency rating which you can use to understand the best option for your flow. 

We recommend trying your pants at home on the first wear to understand how they best work for you. 

How should I care for my DAME Period Pants?

For best results, rinse your pants before washing in cold water, then add to an existing dark wash.

Our reusable period pants can be washed up to 40°c and should be air dried.

Please don’t use fabric softener or bleach as it will affect the absorbency of your period pants. DAME period pants should never be tumble dried. 

Got more questions about looking after your period pants? Get in touch.

Safe and secure DAME period pants lining


DAMEdry™ technology

Our unique 4 layer construction draws away moisture quickly then keeps moisture locked up keeping you comfortable.


Like wearing air.

A super-sleek cut with hidden seams, perfect for wearing with tight or thin clothing.

DAME organic absorbent period thong on woman size 8
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