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How Do Period Pants Actually Work?

Have you ever wondered exactly how period pants manage to absorb blood while still feeling dry? With sustainable period options like reusable pads and menstrual cups already available, the question of how period pants work can seem like magic!

In this blog, we'll break down the structure and materials used in period pant technology to understand exactly how they work. We'll also share how DAME's period-proof underwear provides an extra level of comfort, confidence and sustainability compared to disposable period products.

How Do Period Pants Work in General?

The first question is - how do period pants absorb menstrual blood and prevent leaks in the first place?

There are a few key components to understanding how period pants work:

  • The top layer against your skin is made from soft, breathable fabrics like (hopefully organic) cotton. This pulls moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Underneath is an absorbent core, which acts like a pad to soak up your menstrual blood. This core is made from materials specially designed to lock in fluid, such as microfibre, merino wool, or recycled nylon. This is the heart of the technology that absorbs your flow.
  • At the very bottom is a thin waterproof lining, usually made from polyurethane laminate (PUL). This backing prevents any fluids from making their way through the pants and causing leaks.
  • Many brands also treat the fabrics with an antimicrobial finish that creates a barrier to stop microbes from growing and spreading in the fabric. Silver is a common natural antimicrobial, so recycled silver ions are often used. This layer keeps the period pants from retaining odours, even on their heaviest days.

So when you experience a menstrual bleed, the pants immediately begin absorbing and containing the fluid - just like a pad. But period pants often feel more comfortable and breathable than disposable pads. 

The soft, flexible outer layers of the period pants move with your body and don't bunch or chafe. And since they aren't made of plastic like disposable pads, period pants allow more airflow. This keeps you feeling dry and prevents that damp, sweaty feeling that can come with plastic-based disposables pressed against your skin for hours. 

The absorbent core pulls fluid to the middle layers away from your skin, while the moisture-wicking fabric on top remains breathable and dry. A win-win, we think!

How DAME's Sustainable Period Pants Work

Now that we understand the period panty structure, what makes DAME different?

Our period pants use the same highly absorbent technology. However, we add extra features to enhance comfort, customisation, and sustainability:

  • Adjustable absorbencies 

At DAME, we know everyone’s period is different. That’s why we offer our period pants in different absorbency levels. Choose from Light, Medium, or Heavy depending on your flow. No more worrying about leaks… and no more guessing!

  • B Corp commitment

As a proud B Corp, sustainability and social responsibility are core to our mission at DAME. When you buy from us, your period pants come with a commitment to uphold the highest standards of environmental and ethical practices. We're on a journey of continuous improvement when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. We also take seriously our role in educating our community. We provide you with everything you need to know about period pants, cups, tampons, and pads - so you can make informed, sustainable choices and properly care for your products.

  • Style variety

Period pants don't mean losing your individuality. DAME offers period pants in a range of styles from shorties to thongs and, with options ranging from low to high waistbands, moderate to full coverage, you can find the perfect pair that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

    • Reduce odour 

    The absorbent core is infused with SILVADUR™ which prevents the growth of bacteria on contact so you can be confident your pad is as hygienic as possible. The silver ions are fully integrated into the fibres during production processes and will remain effective wash after wash. With DAME you get durable, non-stop protection against odours and leaks.

    So not only do our period pants absorb flow and prevent leaks, but they do so sustainably! No more choosing between comfort, confidence and sustainability. At DAME, you get it all.

      Why Make the Switch to Period Underwear?

      If you currently use disposable pads, tampons or liners, you may be wondering what the benefits of period pants actually are. Well, we can assure you there are many.

      First, period pants offer convenience. There's no more carrying period supplies in your bag everywhere you go. And you don't have to stress about unexpected leaks! The multi-layer absorbent technology contains your flow with confidence. Period pants are an all-in-one solution you can wear alone on light days or as a backup for extra protection.

      Another benefit is cost savings. While the initial investment in high-quality period pants is higher, each pair can be reused for years. This saves you money over time compared to buying single-use disposable products every month.

      Why just save money when you could also save the planet? Reusables make you feel good about choosing an eco-friendly option. Period pants generate far less waste than disposable pads and liners that end up in landfills. No period needs to add to the plastic crisis.  

      But mainly, period pants provide versatility and empowerment. You can wear them on any day of your cycle for protection against leaks, discharge or spotting. We think it’s time periods become positive for people and the planet.

      Time to Give Period Pants a Go

      Now that you know exactly how high-tech period pants work, why not give them a try?  

      DAME's period-proof underwear combines superior leak protection with sustainability - helping you and the planet feel comfortable every day of your cycle.

      Shop our full range of period pants and take control of your period, your way.

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