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Are Period Pants Actually Comfortable?

When considering switching to reusable period underwear, one of the biggest questions people have is: are period pants comfortable? After all, no one wants to wear uncomfortable underwear, especially while on their period. We’ve got all the details about period pant comfort and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are period pants comfortable?

At DAME, we get this question a lot. The good news is - yes! Period pants can be extremely comfortable. But not all period panties are made equal when it comes to comfort.

Below we’ll explain what makes period underwear comfortable, why DAME’s are the most comfortable on the market, and answer some details about how comfy period panties truly are.


What makes period pants comfortable?

For period pants to be comfortable, it's important to first understand exactly how period pants work. A few key factors come into play:

Soft, Breathable Fabrics

The fabric needs to feel nice against your skin and allow airflow. Quality period pants use soft, lightweight fabrics like cotton, modal, and spandex blends. This prevents moisture build-up and you from overheating down there.

Slim Absorbent Layers

Rather than feeling like you’re wearing a nappy, the best period pants have slim, lightweight absorbent layers that comfortably conform to your body. The creme de la creme of period pants (like DAME’s, of course) use modern fibre technology to rapidly pull fluid into the core, keeping the blood locked in… and keeping you dry and comfortable.

Seamless Construction

The construction of period pants should prevent any chafing between your legs. The waistband and leg openings should also stretch to move with you without digging in. Basically, they can be even comfier than normal undies. No stiffness or bulky seams for chafe-free comfort!

Moisture Wicking Capacity

Even during a heavier flow, high quality period pants shouldn’t ever feel wet or damp against your skin. This is where the multi-layer construction comes into play, rapidly spreading fluid evenly across absorbent layers. At DAME, we have a range of period pants with different absorbencies to handle light to heavy flows during the day and the night. 

Are all period pants comfortable?

While quality period pants brands aim for comfort across all their options, subtle differences in style and intended use can impact overall cosiness.

For example, high waisted period panties tend to offer great comfort and coverage for heavier flows, while still feeling secure thanks to features like wide stretchy waistbands that don't dig in. Our high waist period pant and high waist ultra balance high absorbency with a barely-there feel.

Meanwhile, thong and shortie period panties go for discretion and flexibility for lighter flow days, working well as backup protection for spotting. These styles allow freedom of movement without compromising on coverage and leak protection in key zones. They also can be a great addition to tampons or cups, for that extra protection on heavier days.


And night period pants have absorbency in higher back zones to handle heavy overnight flows, while using ultra-soft fabrics for comfort even when worn for hours while sleeping. 

So in summary - while comfort levels can vary subtly across period panty styles, well-designed period underwear comes in different shapes and size options with comfort at the forefront.

What makes DAME the most comfortable?

While there are some suuuuper comfortable options out there, DAME goes above and beyond when it comes to comfort by:

  • Our gussets are made of our patented DAMEDryTM fabric technology that dynamically adapts to body temperature for cooling, dry comfort.
  • Our multi-layer absorbent cores made from organic cotton keep you leak-proof and dry without any unneeded bulk.
  • Our unique bonding process creates seamless, chafe-free edges that are undetectable under clothes.
  • We ensure a personalised, stay-put fit with a wider range of size, shape and absorbency options.
  • We use meticulously sourced organic cotton fabrics for incredible softness while remaining gentle on skin.

Not only do we prioritise comfort, we also craft our period pants with another key factor in mind: your wallet. We have multi-packs for those looking to build a full set of underwear to cover their whole cycle. And our pants are reusable (over and over again), meaning you get every cent of value for your money.

Plus, if you buy 3+ pairs you save up to 15%. Mix and match styles and absorbencies based on your unique needs!

Say "yes!" to comfy period pants

We hope this helps explain what makes for comfortable, cosy period pants and answers some key questions. The bottom line is, period undies can be just as pleasant to wear as regular undies, while giving you reliable and sustainable protection. A win-win! 

Check out DAME's full collection now to find your perfect match and enjoy the comfort of reusable pants on your period.

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