Reusable Period Pads


3 Mini Reusable Pads (Interlabial)

These interlabial pads are designed for discharge,  spotting, leak protection and controlling your flow while providing sustainable odour control technology.

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- 3 pads, each  12cm X 5.5cm


- Roll or fold and place between your labia 

- Use with a cup or tampon to prevent leaks, with pads or pants to control your flow and reduce gushes or alone for spotting or discharge


- To clean, rinse in cold water until it runs clear or soak overnight

- After rinsing or soaking, machine wash in a dark load on a cool wash up to 40c

- Don’t use fabric softener or bleach as it will reduce the absorbency


- 2 layers of absorbent cotton rich terry (from the offcuts of our EveryDAME period pants) interlocked together

- Treated with sustainable odour control using non-nano recycled silver. Contains a biocide: silver chloride


- Please don’t forget to remove your mini pad when you go to the toilet!

You can fold your interlabial pad in many different ways, but we tend to recommend folding lengthways. Some prefer to fold widthways and then roll it up, which can work just as well.

Comfort is key, so have a play and see what works for you!

Once you have folded or rolled the pad, place it in between your labia and vaginal opening. The soft pad will mould to the shape of your labia and you shouldn’t even notice it's there. 

Although it may feel like nothing is there, make sure you remember to remove the pad when going to the toilet. The pad is only being held in place naturally by your labia and can fall out easily when you're on the loo!

interlabial pads

Mini heroes

Our mini reusable pads (also known as interlabial pads) are your knickers new best friend. 

Made using offcuts from our EveryDAME period pants, you can use them alone to protect your underwear from discharge, spotting and light leaks. 

Alternatively, use them while wearing a tampon or cup as an extra layer of protection. 

They’re also great for heavy periods as they control and direct your flow into your pad or period pants, preventing the feeling of gushes or wet patches.