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Reusable Applicator
Reusable Applicator
Reusable Applicator
Reusable Applicator

Reusable Applicator

Why chuck thousands of applicators when you can keep just one?

The award winning design is self-sanitising, works with all your tampons, and lasts for life. Enjoy a comfortable period, without the plastic waste.

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Why chuck thousands of applicators when you can keep just one?

The award winning design is self-sanitising, works with all your tampons, and lasts for life. Enjoy a comfortable period, without the plastic waste.


Applicators make periods more comfortable.

Trouble is, they're so flushable.  Until now.

  1. Medical Grade

    Made of Mediprene® by UK medical engineers. BPA free, leak free, and built for life.

  2. Safe and Hygienic

    Antibacterial Sanipolymers® inside the Mediprene® act as natural sterilisers, helping the applicator to stay clean.  

  3. Smooth as silk

    The semi-gloss matt finish and ergonomic design make our applicator the most comfortable you'll ever use.

Easy to Clean


The three petal tip ensures the most comfortable insertion. Science at its smoothest.


The patented StringLock stops any snagging, snapping or slipping. No strings attached, ever.


pieces of plastic have been saved so far by women switching to our reusable applicator. 

Your applicator could save another 12,000 disposable applicators from entering our oceans.


"What an amazing product. It’s so beautifully presented and so easy to use!"


"Now I’ve got my D I’m weirdly excited for my next period. Who would’ve thought any woman would ever say that."


"Why have these not been invented already"




"A game-changer...impossible to fault."

Lottie Winter @ Glamour


How do I use the applicator?

We've designed our Reusable Applicator to be easy and intuitive, but initially it does require a bit more care than using a disposable applicator - you're saving the planet after all. Like all new things, it might take a few goes to find what works best for you. We're sure you'll soon find your own flow, but here are some steps to get you going... 

First get to know your applicator. It's made up of three parts: The Lid + The Applicator + The Plunger

To start with, take off the lid. Then pull out the plunger and place your unwrapped tampon inside the applicator. Make sure the tampon string is in the string lock hole, and freely hanging down towards the floor. 

Next up insert the applicator into your vagina at a 45 degree angle and use the plunger to push the tampon into your vagina. Stop pushing just before the plunger clicks into the applicator - your tampon’s now in place. Gently withdraw the applicator from your vagina, leaving the tampon safely inside you. 

And you're done! Simply rinse and wipe your applicator after each use and you're good to go. 

How should I care for my applicator?

We've designed our Reusable Applicator to be hygienic. The applicator is made from medical grade Mediprene® with inbuilt antimicrobial properties to actively keep it clean. This means caring for your applicator is easy. 

After each use, simply rinse your applicator under the tap and wipe with a tissue or towel, ensuring it's completely dry. In between uses, keep the lid on and store it in your DAME cotton zip wallet. 

There's no need for dishwashers, boiling water or harsh treatment when it comes to your applicator. These will just shorten its lifetime and compromise its antimicrobial properties. 

Got more questions about looking after your applicator? Get in touch

How is the applicator self-sanitising?

Our applicator is made of medical grade materials that contain innovative SanipolymersⓇ. These SanipolymersⓇ actively stave off bacteria and germs to ensure your applicator is safe and hygienic. 

How do SanipolymersⓇ do this? By leveraging the trace element zinc. Turns out zinc is pretty great because it has naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. That’s why the human body also makes use of zinc to build up and maintain cells, skin, hair, nails and tissue. 

Our applicator's SanipolymersⓇ technology actively works to reduce bacteria, germs and microbes by at least 99%. So without you doing anything at all, the SanipolymersⓇ are continuously working to sanitise the applicator. We've run it through a bunch of independent scientific tests to prove its effectiveness (ISO 22196 and KIS Z2801 to be specific). 

The SanipolymersⓇ are inbuilt throughout the whole of the applicator, not just on its surface. So you don’t need to worry about them rubbing off. 

And as long as the applicator is treated properly (i.e. no dishwashers, no boiling water and no harsh chemicals) this self-sanitising technology lasts a lifetime. 

Unlike other antimicrobial materials, the applicator's self-sanitising technology does not make use of chemicals, pesticides, biocides, heavy metals or other harmful substances. It's safe, hygienic, and reliable - for your body, and the environment. 

Want to chat more about the wonderful world of SanipolymersⓇ? Get in touch