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Period Pants: Everything You Need To Know

Tired of the hassle and waste of disposable pads and tampons? Period pants provide a more sustainable and often more comfortable option for handling your flow. But how exactly do they work? And what do you need to know before making the switch? We're breaking down everything about period pants in this guide.

What Are Period Pants?

Period pants look a lot like regular underwear, but have extra absorbent layers built in to catch menstrual blood and other discharge. The absorbent section is often darker in colour and goes from the front to the back of the crotch area. This innovative design eliminates the need for disposables during your period.


Period pants come in many absorbency levels, from light backup on light days to super protection that can hold multiple regular tampons worth. This makes them versatile for all flows.

Period pants are made of soft, moisture-wicking fabrics that feel great on your skin while trapping fluids. 

How Do Period Pants Work?

The key is in the layers. Most period pants have at least three layers:

  • Outer layer - This is the pretty, outer fabric you see. It's moisture-wicking to pull fluids from the surface.
  • Middle absorbent layer - This section contains fabrics like cotton and modal blends or high-tech materials that absorb fluid and lock it in. This is the core of the protection.
  • Inner layer - A moisture barrier film on the inner layer keeps fluids from seeping through the underwear. It feels dry against your skin.

Together, these layers catch, absorb, and contain your period blood or discharge with advanced fabric technologies. The absorbent section extends both front and back to fully protect your flow.

Benefits of Period Pants

Why make the switch from pads and tampons? Here are some top benefits of wearing period pants:

  • Comfort - They feel like regular underwear and move with your body. The absorbent layers are very thin and discreet.
  • No chafing or irritation - The soft, seamless fabrics are gentle on skin unlike some disposables.
  • Leak protection - Well-designed period panties trap fluids and stop leaks onto clothes or sheets.
  • Sustainability - Reusable for up to 2 years, they produce way less waste than tossing pads/tampons.
  • Cost savings - Though pricier upfront, they save money over time without constant purchases. Keep your eye out for period pants bundles, which can mean super savings!
  • Confidence - No worrying about leaks, strings, or bulky pads under clothes.

How to Use and Care for Period Pants

Using period pants takes a small adjustment from pads or tampons but soon it will become second nature. You'll want to change panties as often as you would disposable pants, based on the absorbency level and your flow, typically every 6-12 hours. 

It's smart to always have a backup pad or tampon on heavy days in case you need more protection. For your heaviest days, wear overnight or super absorbency undies, and layering multiple pairs can help too.

Feel free to trim pubic hair that might catch blood near the panty edges. After use, rinse blood out in cold water before washing to avoid staining. Be sure to wash the pants in cold water with gentle soap and either hang dry or tumble dry on low. Don't bleach them!

It's that easy! With a bit of experimenting, period panties can become a go-to period product and make that time of the month more comfortable.

Give Period Pants a Try

If you're intrigued about making the switch to more sustainable period care, it's worth giving period pants a try! With options for all flows, they are an innovative option that can be comfortable, convenient, and better for the environment. 

Start slow by incorporating a pair or two into your routine, and you may find you prefer them over disposables. With a small learning curve, period pants can become a go-to staple in your period management lineup. Give them a shot - you and the planet may be glad you did!

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