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How Do Interlabial Pads Benefit Your Period?

How Do Interlabial Pads Benefit Your Period?

DAME’s Interlabial Pads are rolled and placed between the labia. This can catch spotting and discharge or help avoid leaks and stains by controlling and directing your flow.

What are interlabial pads?

Interlabial pads are small leaf-shaped pads that are placed between your labia. Your labia are the inner lips that form the entrance of your vagina - but we’ll cover the anatomy later.

These small reusable pads are perfect for spotting, light leaks and discharge. Alternatively, you can use them as a backup alongside other menstrual products. They’re an ideal option for tampon and cup users as they give you that extra sense of security and protection.

They can also be used with pads or period pants to help prevent leaking as well as controlling and directing flow, especially when you have a heavy or particularly ‘gushing’ flow.

What are the labia and where are mine?

Before we can get into how to use an interlabial pad, we thought we ought to have a refresher of our anatomy, just so we’re super clear!

We often use the term ‘vagina’ to mean everything down there. But actually, the female genitalia is a lot more complex than that and has plenty of parts that are less often referred to.

Your labia are the skin folds located around the opening of the vagina. The inner set, or labia minora, are the folds closer to the vagina - they begin at the clitoris and end under the vaginal opening. The outer set, or labia majora, are the folds on the outside of the vulva often covered in pubic hair.

How do I use an interlabial pad?

You can fold your interlabial pad in many different ways, but we tend to recommend folding lengthways. Some prefer to fold widthways and then roll it up, which can work just as well.

Comfort is key, so have a play and see what works for you!

Once you have folded or rolled the pad, place it in between your labia and vaginal opening. The soft pad will mould to the shape of your labia and you shouldn’t even notice it's there.

Although it may feel like nothing is there, make sure you remember to remove the pad when going to the toilet. The pad is only being held in place naturally by your labia and can fall out easily when you're on the loo!

How long can I keep an interlabial pad in?

We recommend changing the pad every 4 to 6 hours, but it can depend on how heavy your flow usually is (and how often you go to the toilet!).

Generally, the same time limits that apply to tampons or pads can be applied to interlabial pads.

How do I wash interlabial pads?

Taking care of DAME’s interlabial pads is easy - after every use, rinse thoroughly or soak in cold water, then machine wash up to 40 degrees in a mixed load of laundry.

We suggest using a laundry bag, avoid using fabric conditioner and line dry only. Not only is this better for the environment but it also prolongs the life of your pad!

About DAME's interlabial pads

We decided to develop our own interlabial pads after realising how comfortable and adaptable they are.

The DAME interlabial pads are cotton rich; making them super soft, and comfortable, ideal to be worn so close against the skin.

We have also developed our pads with an antimicrobial control finish to reduce odour.

In an effort to reduce waste our interlabial pads are made using the offcuts from our EveryDAME period pants and reusable liners!

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