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DAME reusable sanitary pad with sustainable organic cotton

Leak-proof Pads

5 layers of thin technical fabric quickly wick away liquid for all day trusted comfort.


What are DAME reusable pads made of?

Our reusable pads are made using DAMEdry™ technology with five layers working together for total period protection.

  • Top wicking section to keep you cool and dry with antimicrobial odour control agent to keep you feeling fresh
  • Outer layers in DAME green single knit jersey with natural cotton and soft handle for comfort against your skin
  • Inner layers include high performance, organic cotton-rich fabric that absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds
  • Infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control odours and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals
  • Additionally there is a waterproof layer inside the pad to prevent leaking

All materials are manufactured without harmful chemicals or finishes. We use natural fibres wherever possible, while making sure DAME pads give you high performance and product longevity.

How do I use a DAME reusable pad?

Using areusable padis pretty similar to using a disposable pad. Place the pad in your underwear, with the black DAMEDry™ wicking material facing upwards and fasten the wings around your underwear with the snap popper.

What is a Mini or Interlabial Pad?

DAME interlabial pads are small reusable pads which are rolled and placed between the labia. This can catch spotting and discharge or help avoid leaks and stains by controlling and directing your flow. 

They are perfect for spotting, light leaks and discharge. Alternatively, you can use them as a backup alongside other menstrual products. They’re an ideal option for tampon and cup users as they give you that extra sense of security and protection. They can also be used withpadsorperiod pantsto help prevent leaking as well as controlling and directing flow, especially when you have a heavy or particularly ‘gushing’ flow.

How often should I change my DAME reusable pad?

We recommend changing your pad every 4-6 hours. That said, it's a good idea to check your pads more frequently the first few times you wear them to understand how they work for you and your flow. Please note this is just a benchmark, as only you know your flow. 

Tip - generally, the same time limits that apply to tampons or pads can be applied to interlabial pads.

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How should I care for my DAME reusable pad?

For best results, rinse or soak your pads and liners in cold water, then add to an existing dark wash. Our reusable pads can be washed up to 40°c and should be air dried. Please don’t use fabric softener or bleach as it will affect the absorbency of the pad.

Got more questions about looking after your DAME reusable pads? Get in touch here

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