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Do Period Pants Actually Smell?

If you’re considering trying reusable period underwear, a common question arises - do period pants smell? It makes sense to worry about odours from catching menstrual blood so close to your body.

We at DAME get this question a lot. Read on for straightforward answers on how to prevent smells plus our patented odour-blocking technologies to keep period panties fresh.

Do Period Pants Smell? (The Truth)

The answer to this question is NO, period underwear shouldn't smell if you take proper care of them. Similar to any other blood, there may be a certain metal-like scent when you go to the toilet for the first time or during a heavy flow. But this scent is the same whether it is in a period pants, menstrual cup, tampon or pad. Any odour typically clears rapidly with no lingering effects.

As with all period pants, both proper personal hygiene as well as cleaning your pants after wearing help keep things smelling fresh. Often, reusable period underwear has built-in antimicrobial protection and breathability to limit smells from developing in the first place.

Women in High Waist DAME period underwear

So while reusable period pants are radically more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and economical than wasteful pads, they DO NOT have to retain smells as some people fear. When chosen and cared for properly, you can be comfortable and fresh all cycle long without worry.

Why Do Periods Sometimes Smell Anyway?

We think it's helpful to understand what causes some menstrual odours in the first place, whether in underwear, pads, cups, etc. When the uterine lining tissue breaks down and sheds each month, it contains iron, proteins, and other compounds. This natural biomaterial from your body provides an ideal feast for odour-causing bacteria.

As the microbes rapidly multiply and consume any blood and discharge, their waste production leads to a range of possible scents (lovely). Intensity varies based on your individual chemistry, personal hygiene habits, flow level, and whether the fluid gets trapped against oxygen - but smells to some degree are a natural part of the process.

The good news is DAME's patented technology (more on this later) limits how severely these smells occur in our period panties specifically. But a bit of smell now and then during your cycle is normal even in the fanciest reusable products! Nothing to feel self-conscious about.

Do DAME Period Panties Smell?

Now to answer the big question - while some odour just naturally comes with menstruation itself, DAME’s patented period panties are uniquely engineered at a molecular level to resist smells far better than alternatives like single-use pads.

Our built-in proprietary technologies actively prevent bacterial growth and spread, keeping period panties fresher for longer wear compared to disposables:

  • Antimicrobial Finish - Non-toxic silver ions woven into inner microfiber layers inhibit microbe growth on contact.
  • Breathable Fabrics - Lightweight materials maximise airflow which evaporates moisture also hindering bacteria.
  • Rapid Wicking Action - Fluid rapidly pulls deep into the absorbent core away from air and skin contact limiting multiplying odour sources.
  • Bonded Construction - Our unique seamless edges eliminate fold "pockets" that can harbour smells.

So while some mild temporary scents can occur with any period product, DAME panties resist lingering odours better than any disposable alternative. Our tech leaves you feeling shower-fresh!

Tips For Odor-Free Period Panties

While DAME's patented technologies resist smells better than any disposable, a few additional habits can keep any period product fresher even longer:

  • Change period underwear every 8-12 hours depending on flow level - more frequently for heavy days. This limits fluid and bacteria exposure time.
  • Wash your period pants the right way with a very mild, fragrance-free detergent after each cycle - traditional soaps can leave lingering smells.
  • Always line dry panties in fresh open air to prevent mustiness versus confined clothes dryer heat. Sunlight is nature’s sanitiser!
  • Store clean, fully dried panties in breathable cotton pouches that allow airflow.

Employing this complete regime along with DAME’s built-in protections keeps even high absorbency period underwear smelling fresh so they can be reused for years to come.

Say Goodbye to Period Panty Stress!

With smart menstrual care plus DAME’s patented odour-control technologies woven right into the fabrics, you can trust our period panties to keep smells at bay better than any disposable alternative. No more scratchy pads plagued by lingering scents of worry!

Ditch scratchy pads full of perfumes and make the switch to comfortable, odour-resistant menstruation peace of mind! Shop DAME Period Panties today to experience patented anti-odour protection and underwear that works as hard as you do.

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