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How Often Should You Change Your Period Pants?

If you've recently added period pants to your period arsenal, you may be wondering - how often should you change your period pants? Do you need to swap them out as frequently as pads or tampons?

While guidance differs based on flow, activity, and preference, a good rule of thumb is to change your period panties at least every 8-12 hours, or more frequently with a heavier flow.

But there are always factors to consider, so below we break down everything you need to know about period pants plus provide you with all the tips to help decide when it's time to swap your period pants.

How To Tell When To Change Period Pants? 

Rather than trying to follow timers or schedules, it's easiest to rely on cues from your body and feedback from the period pants themselves to know when it's time for a fresh pair.


Here are the top signs to watch and feel for indicating your reusable period pants need a swap:

  • Cooling Sensation From Moisture Barrier

DAME's patented moisture-wicking technology pulls fluid to the core and provides a cooling effect. If the cooling stops, it's time for a change.

  • Wetness or Dampness Felt on Inner Layers

Press or swipe a finger along the gusset or leg bands. If they no longer feel dry to the touch, moisture may have built up indicating max absorption.

  • Spotting or Leaks Onto Other Clothing

Hopefully, this never happens to you, but if you notice blood has breached through onto your pants or sheets, your period pants have reached full capacity. 

Relying on these natural indicators from leakage, cooling and wetness makes it easier to identify your exact change windows.

How Often Should You Change Your Period Panties With A Heavy Flow?

If you have a very heavy flow, don’t worry. Period pants still work for heavy flows, you should just aim to change into a fresh pair of high-absorbency period pants every 3-6 hours. This prevents leaks, overwhelms capacity, and allows removing blood before odour sets in.

Even DAME’s heavy flow and night period pants reach their limits with very heavy flows. So while our leakproof pants hold more than 3 tampons, for your own comfort and confidence, aim for swaps every 4-6 hours max. 


How Often Should You Change Your Period Panties With A Light Flow?

For those with light sparse spotting, period pants can often reliably last a full 10-14 hours before needing a change! DAME’s thong period pants styles hold smaller capacities perfect for light days.

Reliable period pants with leakproof edging and breathable fabrics keep you comfy and secure. And with barely-there coverage, you'll forget you're even wearing period pants. As you get lighter throughout your period, the lightest days can call for fewer changes.

What Affects How Often You Should Change Period Pants?

A number of key factors come into play in determining how long most people can wear their period panties before needing to change into a fresh pair:

Flow Level

If you're only lightly spotting, your period pants might reliably hold you 10 to 12+ hours, no problem! But for you heavy bleeders - we see you. When that flooding flow comes, switching out fresh underwear every 4 to 6 hours prevents future leaks or accidents, even in our highest absorbencies.

Absorbent Layers & Coverage

The more moisture-wicking tech and zones we can design into those layers, the longer your panties hold up between changes! Look for targeted absorbent zones, adaptive stretch, and ample sizing to allow free movement and extended capacity throughout your routine. 

Activity Level

Staying active on your period? Good for you! Just a friendly heads up...lots of intense activity can shake up your flow. More sweat and motion means getting the most out of your absorbent underwear may require an extra swap or two. Light yogis can likely push longer.

So in summary - consider your unique flow, underwear construction & features and activities to optimise period pants change timing.

What Is The Longest You Can Wear Period Pants For?

For optimal health and hygiene, most menstrual experts recommend changing your period panties every 8-12 hours, even when wearing overnight styles while sleeping. Anything longer risks potential irritation, leaks, odour, and of course discomfort.

This is because blood and fluids remaining in sustained contact with your vulva, labia and other intimate areas can disrupt natural pH, microflora, and increase infection risk.

However, night time period pants sometimes allow up to 12 hours of cover during sleep since absorbency is highly concentrated in the gusset and middle layers rather than pressed directly on the skin. But still change first thing in the morning!

Can You Wear DAME Period Panties Longer Than Tampons?

Absolutely! DAME's high-capacity period panties can reliably be worn for the entire tampon window (and more!) most brands recommend them for a single use.

In fact, our underwear offers sustained leakage protection and consistent absorption longer than three times longer than tampons that tend to dry out and leak over time. No more wondering “Do I need to change this soon?” while out.

Change With Confidence

Remember - flow level, activity, absorbency rating, and odour tolerance all impact how often you should swap your period pants. Rather than relying on clocks, let the cues from your body and feedback from the moisture-wicking fabric guide you to ideal change timing.

So ditch the scheduling headaches and enjoy intuitive, carefree confidence throughout your cycle knowing DAME has you covered. No more period product guesswork or panic - just timely changes guided by DAME's leakproof period pants!

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