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Can You Wear Period Pants For Swimming?

It's an age-old question many menstruators ponder come summer - can you wear your period pants even while swimming in the pool or ocean? Or will all that water render your period underwear useless and lead to messy disasters?

Put simply, while certain reusable period underwear may hold up alright with light splashing, prolonged swimming should be paired with other reliable products to prevent compromising your pants' performance. The good news is quality tampons and period cups allow worry-free water fun without needing to sacrifice your DAME undies.

Below we cover why directly wearing even high-tech period pants swimming can be risky and recommend better solutions so you can safely enjoy the water without leaks or stains regardless of your flow.

Can All Period Pants Work For Swimming?

Although there are many benefits to using period pants, we don’t recommend swimming while wearing any reusable period period pants as prolonged pool or ocean saturation could reduce absorbency and cause accidents over time. 


Instead, pair waterproof, secure swim bottoms or shorts with other high-performing and reusable period products for getting wet without leaking like interlabial pads or tampons. That way you prevent sacrificing your beloved leakproof underwear that keeps you covered day-to-day.

The good news is modern reliable tampons and cups allow you to enjoy swimming, surfing, water slides, and more without wearing your period pants in the water!

Can I Use DAME Period Pants As Swimwear?

We don’t recommend using any DAME period pants as swimwear, even our highly-absorbent styles. Although our period pants are built to be reusable, using specialised fabrics intended to withstand light splashing with water-resistant edging, soaking DAME reusable pants in pools or saltwater repeatedly over time often gradually degrades performance by:

  • Breaking down protective barriers allowing future leaks
  • Trapping odour-causing bacteria and microbes
  • Reducing airflow resulting in discomfort
  • Impacting stretch and fit for adequate coverage
  • Limiting absorbent capacity leading to accidents

So while innovative, wearing DAME underwear in place of secure swimsuits when spending long durations in water is not recommended. Instead, we suggest pairing waterproof swimwear with our other reliable period products like menstrual cups or reusable organic tampons so that you can enjoy the water worry-free.  

Can You Wear Period Underwear in the Pool or Sea?

When it comes to spending time actively swimming or lounging in pool water, reusable period underwear may not offer the most reliable protection or absorbency. While quick dips may be fine, extended wear in water can limit absorbency, stretch, and protective barriers resulting in future leaks, odours, or inadequate coverage.


In the ocean or sea, our recommendation is similar to around pools. The salt, waves, tides, rough active conditions and overall hydrosphere immersion repeatedly soaking your reusable panties in ocean water can cumulatively damage protective layers, and reduce airflow, stretch, and absorbency over time after just a few wears.

So for reliable protection while actively swimming during your period, use a tampon or menstrual cup instead, paired with secure swim bottoms. 

Tips For Swimming on Your Period

Want to comfortably swim, surf, or splash without leaks on your period? Here are steps to make water activities mess-free:

  • Secure waterproof bottoms

    Pair your chosen water-ready period product with sturdy, dark-coloured bottoms made of spandex, nylon lycra, or athletic swim fabrics that won't become transparent or weigh down when saturated.
  • Test at home first

Try out your aquatic period protection combo in the shower for assurance before an outdoor swim session. Check for fit, leaks, and comfort.
  • Choose swim-safe menstrual products

Opt for a tampon, cup, or disc specifically designed not to leak when submerged underwater for long durations. 
    • Bring backup supplies

    Opt for a tampon, cup, or disc specifically designed not to leak when submerged underwater for long durations. Pack extras like backup tampons, portable wipes, and a waterproof bag for used products in case unexpected leakage occurs and easy changes are needed.

      With some thoughtful preparation, you can feel confident jumping into the water wearing your preferred period products!

      Make a Splash with DAME

      We hope this guide has shown that with the right combination of high-performing tampons or cups plus secure bottoms, enjoying swimming and watersports during your flow is possible without sacrificing your favourite DAME undies!

      You truly can confidently surf, plunge down slides, float in inner tubes, and even scuba dive on your period these days thanks to innovative products designed specifically to get wet. You just have to use the right tool for the environment.

      Check out DAME's reusable tampon and cup without waste… Ditch the landfill debris and make an eco-friendly splash with DAME.

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