Feel the difference

DAME tampons are 100% organic cotton and absolutely nothing else

If you’re a tampon user, it's likely you’ll have tampon inside your body for a cumulative 7.5 years of your life. That’s 7.5 years your vagina will be accommodating an unexpected visitor. If you experience irritations or cramps, you may want to reconsider your visitors.

That’s why our tampons are free from synthetics, plastics and toxins. Actually, it’s a lot easier to tell you what’s in our tampons, than what’s not — it’s organic cotton. That’s it.

Looking at other tampons you might think they too are made from just cotton. But dig deeper, and you’ll find it’s a patchwork of different, often nasty, ingredients.

Bleach, rayon, viscose, polyester, polypropylene, glycerol, dyes and fragrances can all end up in the mix. If that surprises you, it’s probably because tampon manufacturers are not legally required to list the ingredients on their packaging.

Time to cotton on to organic

Cotton is the main material in our reusable pads, tampons and period pants.

Cotton is the most used fibre on the planet, and the conventional methods for farming it disrupt nature’s natural rhythm, requiring water and chemicals to be pumped in to make up for depleted soil.

More pesticides are used on cotton than any other crop. Environmental concerns aside, not only do we not want these chemicals anywhere near our vaginas, we don’t want them near farmers either.

The UN estimates that 200,000 deaths a year are caused by acute pesticide poisoning. All our cotton is GOTS certified. Meaning it's better for you, better for the soil, and better for the people who farm it.

Get rid of bad guests

Most of us are on autopilot when we buy period products, rarely deviating from the brands given to us when we first started bleeding as teens.

That means most of us haven’t known anything other than period products full of chemicals and synthetic materials.

What if some of the discomfort you've experienced was not natural, but caused by poor quality products? We wanted to find out.

Could you be having a more comfortable period?

We’d heard anecdotally from our customers that they’d experienced less irritation and even lighter flows after switching to DAME. We wanted to understand this better so we surveyed over 400 of our customers. 

50.7% of you said your periods got lighter after switching to DAME, and 63% said you experienced less irritation than with previous tampons. Asking the same question on an instagram poll, we found that 82% of respondents experienced less irritation.

This is potentially huge. There must be millions of people unnecessarily experiencing discomfort every day. This has inspired us to partner with a medical research firm to work on a much bigger piece of research - watch this space!