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Tips and Tricks

Thanks for being a DAME Changer and giving D a go. It means the world to us.

Using D for the first few times requires a bit more care than a disposable applicator, it's not single use, so a few more things have to be considered. Like all new things, it might take a few goes to find what works for you.  

Here are some pointers to help make being a period pioneer that much easier - but please do get in touch if you'd to chat more about using your D.

Tampon string

Some knots on tampon strings can be a little loose causing it to snag when you withdraw your D. If this happens, no worries, it will free itself when pulled gently. 

Tip: You can always pull the knot tight, just to be sure.

Applicator petals


Our bodies are all different. If your tampon is not pushing through, keep your D inside you, and try gently removing at different angles until it does.   
Tip: Push the plunger all the way in. After a few goes, you'll soon find it easy.
Organic cotton tampons have no plastic sheath or synthetics, just cotton. Pull out your tampon slowly and gently. 
Tip: Always use the lowest possible absorbency for your flow on that day.

Got more questions about D? Please get in touch
We’d love to hear from you and learn from your experiences of using D.