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Sustainable Period Products: The Health Benefits

Choosing sustainable period products like menstrual cups, organic tampons and reusable pads can have various health benefits compared to conventional disposable options. From reducing irritation and dryness to lowering your risk of infections, going green with your period can improve comfort, wellbeing, and vaginal health.


Why Conventional Period Products Can Disrupt Vaginal Health

Many conventional tampons, pads and liners contain trace amounts of chemicals like pesticides, fragrances, and dioxins from bleaching processes. These can irritate the sensitive vaginal area and have even been linked to heightened health risks like endometriosis, cervical cancer, and reproductive issues. 

The materials used, like plastic in pads and rayon in tampons, can also disrupt the natural pH balance in the vagina leading to dryness, chafing, and itchiness. Plus, the fact that disposables are single-use increases the build-up of bacteria as they are changed less frequently compared to reusable options.

Over time, these downsides of conventional period products can harm the optimal function and microbiome of the vagina.

How Sustainable Products Support Vaginal Health

Sustainable period products are designed to work with the natural physiology and microbiology of the vagina, not against it. Here are some of the main health perks:

  • Reduce Irritation and Inflammation

Organic tampons and pads use 100% certified cotton and other natural materials free from dyes, fragrances, and chlorine-bleaching. This results in less irritation, inflammation, and sensitivity in the delicate vaginal area compared to standard products.

Menstrual cups are made of smooth, hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone that shouldn't cause dryness, chafing or reactions. 

Reusable pads usually have a stay-dry top layer and naturally antibacterial core.

  • Prevent Infections and Imbalances

Reusable period products can be changed more frequently than disposables, helping to prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria which can lead to issues like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis (BV) or urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Menstrual cups and cloth pads also don't dry out the vagina like conventional tampons and pads, further reducing infection risks. The smooth silicone and natural fabrics even allow good vaginal bacteria to thrive.

  • Maintain Ideal pH levels

The vagina is healthiest when the pH is between 3.5-4.5, indicating a balanced state of good bacteria. Standard period products made of rayon and bleached cotton can raise pH and allow bad bacteria to flourish.

Organic, chlorine-free cotton and other natural materials in sustainable products help maintain ideal pH levels for optimal comfort and health!

  • Improve Comfort and Freshness

Organic cotton tampons offer optimal moisture absorption and breathability compared to standard rayon tampons. This helps you stay comfortable and prevents odour. Reusable pads also have moisture-wicking layers to keep you dry and fresh. While menstrual cups collect rather than absorb blood, preventing dryness and friction.

  • Avoid Rashes and Allergic Reactions 

The hypoallergenic materials used in sustainable period products lower the risk of contact dermatitis, skin inflammation, rashes, and other allergic reactions compared to conventional disposables.

Opting for unscented, organic cotton products is especially important for those with sensitive skin. While menstrual cups avoid any absorption materials touching the skin altogether.

  • Reduce Cramping and Pain

Some find that menstrual cups provide relief from period cramps and pain compared to tampons and pads. The smooth silicone gently collects blood without absorbing vaginal fluids or drying out tissues.

Organic cotton and reusable pads can also minimise cramps as they are free of irritating chemicals found in conventional disposables.

Make the Switch for Improved Wellbeing

Ditching disposable pads and tampons for sustainable options is beneficial for both your body and the environment. The natural materials create a vagina-friendly experience by preventing dryness, irritation, infections, and imbalance throughout your cycle.

Give plastic-free, organic period products a try for improved comfort, health, and wellness during your period! 

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