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Pads: Your questions answered.

Pads: Your questions answered.

Reusable Period Pads: Your Questions Answered

I think we’re all agreed that plastic is the enemy.

But did you know that one single-use period pad is the equivalent of FOUR plastic shopping bags? Yes, you probably did, because we bang on about it. A lot.

Did you know that in the UK alone, 2.1 million pads are flushed down the loo every day? That’s 766 million pads a year - or - the equivalent of 3 billion plastic bags being flushed down the loo each year. Yes, BILLION! So, making the switch to reusable pads has never been more important. And we want to help you make that switch, to save money and the planet. To answer your questions, queries and general wonderings, read on…


How many pads do I need to last my period? We say a Reusable Pads Set is a great place to start but dependent on your flow (and pad/tampon combination preferences) you can build up from that with individual regular, night-time and liner pads.

What size and absorbency are they? The DAME Reusable Liner is 18.5cm in length and ideal for very light flows, spotting and discharge. The DAME Reusable Regular Pad is 20.5cm in length and absorbs the equivalent of one DAME Super tampon (9-12 grams). The DAME Reusable Night Time Pad is 28cm in length and absorbs the equivalent of one DAME Super Plus tampon (12-15 grams).

Will it stain? DAME reusable pads shouldn't stain when washed according to our instructions. Rinsing the pad in cold water is key here, as rinsing in hot water will set the blood and cause staining. Also, be sure to wash pads within 48 hours of use. But if you have any problems with staining, just get in touch with us.

How suitable is the pad for exercising? The team at DAME have been road-testing the pads for a long time. Both the runners and cyclists reported back that the pads surpassed all expectation.

How long does one pad last (in years)? We estimate the lifetime of a DAME pad is approximately five years, when treated with care.

How many hours does one pad last? This is a tricky one to answer because it depends on your flow and personal preference. We advise that one pad can last roughly eight hours before needing replacing.

Is the dry bag really not going to leak in my bag while I’m out? Our waterproof DAME Dry Bag is air, water and odour tight so there's no risk of leaking or smells coming from your bag while you're still out.

Are the materials truly eco? We have tried to use as many natural ingredients as possible, while making sure we have made a pad that gives you safety and confidence throughout your period. At DAME we make it our goal to be transparent. So we’re happy to tell you that our reusable pad is made up of five layers of material:

  • Core: A wicking layer that draws moisture away from your skin in seconds (polyamide, polyester, lycra)
  • Top and Bottom outer layers: Two layers of super-soft natural fibres that stay comfortable against your skin (lyocell, organic cotton)
  • Odour-proof inner layer: An absorbent odour-proof layer is made from 4D fabric technology that holds 10 times its weight in two seconds (organic cotton, bamboo, polyester)
  • Watertight backing: Watertight layer gives you extra security (polyurethane)

We appreciate that the polyester and polyurethane aren’t natural, but they do make the pad ultra-efficient. In our eyes, this is a product to be reused time and time again. It’s a whole world better than the disposable pad alternatives. One of our 2021 missions (we have many!) is to look to utilise repurposed and/or recycled materials in 2021.

Read our full FAQs here.

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