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Menstrual Cups: Everything You Need To Know

Menstrual Cups: Everything You Need To Know

DAME period cup

Welcome to our ultimate guide on menstrual cups! If you're looking for a sustainable and comfortable alternative to traditional period products, menstrual cups might just be your new best friend. In this blog, we'll dive deep into what menstrual cups are, how they work, and everything you need to know to make the switch. So let's get started!

What are Menstrual Cups?

Let's talk about these nifty little menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are small, bell-shaped cups made of silicone or latex-free materials. They're designed to be inserted into the vagina to collect your menstrual flow, rather than absorbing it like tampons or pads. Think of them as your loyal sidekick for sustainable and hassle-free periods.

Benefits of Menstrual Cups

  • Long-lasting Comfort: Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. That means fewer changes throughout the day and more convenience for you. So you can say goodbye to rushing to the bathroom every few hours!
  • Saving the Planet, One Cup at a Time: By using a menstrual cup, you're making a positive impact on the environment. These cups significantly reduce waste compared to disposable period products. So you can be an eco-warrior while rocking your flow!
  • Money-Saver: Sure, the upfront cost of a menstrual cup may be a bit higher than buying disposable products, but trust us, it's worth it. These cups are like a long-term investment in your period game. You'll be saving money in the long run because you won't need to constantly buy pads or tampons every month. Cha-ching!

How to Use a Menstrual Cup

First things first, make sure your cup is squeaky clean. Most cups require  you to pop it into boiling water for a few minutes, but our DAME Period Cup is the only menstrual cup that's self-sanitising meaning you just need to rinse it in water before starting, and never need to boil it. 

Now, let's talk about inserting. There are a few folding techniques you can try, like the C-fold, punch-down fold, or origami fold. It's like a little arts and crafts project for your period! Find the fold that feels most comfortable for you. Then, take a deep breath, relax those muscles, and gently slide the folded cup into your vagina. Let the cup do its magic and unfold inside.

  • Achieving a Proper Seal

Give the cup a gentle twist or rotate it once it's inside to ensure a secure seal. You can even do a quick finger check by running your finger around the base of the cup. Just make sure it's positioned comfortably inside, below your cervix. If the cup's stem feels a bit too long, you can trim it to your liking.

  • Removal and Cleaning

When it's time to remove your cup, don't worry, it's a breeze! First, pinch the base of the cup gently to break the suction seal. This will release the cup's grip and make removal easier. 

Then empty the cup into the toilet or sink, and give it a good rinse with water. Keep it simple and avoid harsh chemicals or scented products. Your vaginal area is delicate and deserves some TLC, after all. If needed, you can use a mild, unscented soap for extra cleanliness.

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DAME’s Top Tips 

  • Tips for a Smooth Experience

Remember, practice makes perfect! Using a menstrual cup may take a few cycles to get used to, so be patient with yourself. Give it time, and soon you'll be a cup-insertion pro.

Between periods, make sure to sterilise your cup again. You can either boil it or use a sterilising solution. And don't forget to store it in a breathable pouch or container to keep it happy and hygienic.

  • Common Concerns

  • Leaking? No problemo! Proper insertion and a good seal are key to preventing leaks. If you experience leaks, try adjusting the cup's position or consider a different cup size. 

    Having trouble removing the cup? Take a deep breath and relax those muscles. Take your time and be gentle. If you're having difficulty, try bending down slightly, this can help push the cup lower and make it easier to grip. 

    Begin your sustainable cup journey

    We hope this blog has answered all your questions and provided you with the confidence to embark on your cup journey. Remember, everyone's experience may vary, so don't be afraid to experiment and find the cup that suits you best. 

    And if you're ready to make the switch, DAME's period cup can be your trusted and eco-friendly sidekick, accompanying you on your journey towards sustainable periods. So join us and the movement for greener periods!

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