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Why DAME? The Benefits of Carrying Eco-Friendly Products in Your Independent Retail Store

As of 2022, around 75% of UK and European survey respondents considered climate change a major threat to their countries. And they’re not alone. 2022 saw the vast majority of global consumers’ purchasing behaviour become at least a little more environmentally friendly compared to five years earlier. 

Nearly 30% of surveyed shoppers said they bought sustainable products significantly more often than before. Consumers are waking up to the realities of the climate crisis, and there is an ever-growing demand for eco-friendly products and solutions. 

As a result, independent retailers have a distinctive opportunity and responsibility to cater to this growing market. At DAME, we are proud to stand out as a brand committed to crafting sustainable, reusable personal care and period products. We’ve been certified as a B-Corp since January 2019, and continue to prioritise our deep-rooted standards of social and environmental impact  With this in mind, let's explore the benefits of incorporating eco-friendly products like ours in your independent retail store.

Going Green: Meeting Consumer Demand

As a retailer, one thing you need to understand is that many modern consumers are more informed and increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases. 

Many actively seek products that align with their values, and are less harmful to the planet. By featuring eco-friendly products like our period products , your store can fulfil this growing demand for sustainable options.

Reducing Our Collective Environmental Footprint

Choosing to stock up on eco-friendly products for your store significantly reduces your brand’s environmental footprint. 

DAME specialises in reusable and sustainable period products, such as period cups, organic tampons, pads and period pants, all designed to curb single-use plastic waste — one of many major climate change conundrums. Global plastic production has doubled since the beginning of the century, and the worldwide production of plastics reaching a staggering 390.7 million metric tons in 2021. Stocking eco-friendly and sustainable products can allow you to be the change we need to see.

A Commitment to Social Responsibility

Eco-conscious consumers seek out businesses that demonstrate a commitment to social, as well as environmental responsibility. As a certified B-Corp, DAME has made a legal commitment to hold people, planet and profit in equal standing. Rigorously assessed against the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, we’re committed to fairness across the board, all in the pursuit of making products which can truly outperform disposables.

Whether for our synthetic & toxin-free, certified organic tampons, or our organic cotton reusable pads, we can trace our supply chain from Liverpool to East Asia, and we're proud that we hold our suppliers to the same high standards we hold ourselves to.

As a retailer, by offering eco-friendly products like ours, your store showcases its dedication to making social and environmentally-conscious choices. This not only attracts more environmentally conscious customers, but also builds a positive image for your business within the community.


Setting Yourself Apart

Carrying eco-friendly products can differentiate your store from competitors. Many consumers are actively looking for businesses that prioritise sustainability and conscious consumption. 

By stocking a curated selection of products that are friendly to our planet, your independent retail store can gain a competitive edge and stand out in a saturated market.

Raising Awareness

When you incorporate eco-friendly products into your store, you invite the opportunity to educate customers about the importance of sustainability. You can do this by enhancing your shop displays with decorations made from recycled materials such as glass bottles and jars, or even upcycled plastic waste or clothing. 

Include informational materials about the products' benefits, how they reduce waste, and their positive impact on the environment to help raise awareness and encourage more sustainable purchasing decisions. Be loud and proud about all the good the brands you stock are doing, as this reflects positively on your business, too.

Fostering Customer Loyalty and Trust

Being clear on your stance regarding environmental sustainability can help create a sense of trust and loyalty, and stocking the right brands and products all plays into this. Distrust and scepticism of greenwashing are more common than ever, with a 2022 survey revealing that over 54% of fashion shoppers in the United Kingdom at least somewhat agreed that they did not trust some fashion companies' claims about their commitments to sustainability. One-fifth of the total respondents strongly agreed with this statement.

While this survey focuses on fashion brands, many brands in comparable industries also employ greenwashing marketing tactics without any evidence or certification to back up their claims. It often feels like it’s up to customers to be discerning and savvy when it comes to which brands they hand over their money to, with many younger generations taking to social media to out major companies.

Shoppers are more likely to return and become repeat customers if they find products that align with their values and lifestyle choices. In this way, building a community of like-minded individuals can significantly contribute to your retail business's long-term success and growth.

Going Green for the Good of the Planet

Ultimately, featuring eco-friendly products like DAME’s contributes to a better future for the planet. It's a step toward reducing waste, minimising pollution, and promoting a sustainable way of living. 

By being part of this movement, your store actively participates in creating a positive impact on the environment and future generations, and aligns your business with ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

So, why DAME? That’s simple. Because choosing eco-friendly products is not only good for business, but also for the planet we all call home. Stock up on DAME period products wholesale with CREOATE today.

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