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How to Get Period Stains Out of Your Underwear

How to Get Period Stains Out of Your Underwear

Period stains on your underwear are inconvenient and frustrating. Here, we cover all you need to know about how to get period stains out of underwear and even what to do to completely avoid staining in the future!

1. Rinse with cold water, then wash.

When it comes to fabric stains, it’s time to unlearn everything you think you know. Although we generally wash our clothes at high heat, warm (or worse, boiling) water actually locks the stain in the fabric. The simplest (and easiest) answer is to run the stained area of your underwear under cold water whilst gently massaging the stain out of the fabric.

2. Apply a stain remover

It may seem like the most obvious option and, well, it is. That said, it's important to carefully select the most suitable stain remover for the task at hand. A gentle (preferably organic) product with enzymes is our top pick.

For protein-based stains, like blood, enzymes get into the stain and break it down so it’s always best to look for a stain remover that contains enzymes. For many, the idea of using chemicals on their underwear is off-putting, so we would go for a gentle and bio-organic product to treat stains. Always put your underwear through the wash as usual after applying the stain remover.

3. Treat with a home remedy

In moments of period emergencies, you usually don’t have time to run to the shops for stain removers. Luckily, many common household items contain natural lightening agents that can be used to combat bloodstains.

Lemon Juice

Simply grab a lemon and cut it in half and then squeeze it (using your hands) onto the stain. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes to soak into the fabric and break up the stain and then rinse out under cold water or with a sponge.

Baking soda

Another (very handy) household item that can be used for period stain emergencies is baking soda. It works best when mixed with cold water to create a sort of paste. Once thoroughly mixed, lay the paste over the stain with a sponge making sure that the whole area is covered. Leave the paste on the underwear for a minimum of 30 minutes (you could leave it overnight; it will do no harm!) and then wash them as usual.

Ice cube

If you really don’t have access to any of the above, this hack might just be your best option. Ice is, after all, the coldest form of cold water. First, rinse the underwear under cold water (as detailed above) and then rub an ice cube into the stained area. You should find the blood starts to break up and lift from your underwear in no time at all.

Avoid stains in the first place!

If you’re getting tired of using all the above methods, and store-bought tampons or pads just aren’t working for you – it might be time to try some DAME products and avoid staining altogether.

Reusable Period Pads

The benefits of using our reusable pads are not only environmental but also save all the hassle of stain removal. Our DAMEdry™ technology includes a waterproof layer that prevents leaks and absorbs up to 10 times its weight. After use, you simply rinse under a cold tap and wash as usual – no stain removers or home remedies required!

Period-Proof Pants

Alternatively, you can eliminate the possibility of leaks and protect against stains with period-proof pants. With highly absorbent layers, your menstrual blood will be absorbed and locked into the fabric of your underwear so you can watch your period worries (literally) drain away. Better yet, they’re comfortable and seamless, meaning you can wear them on the days running up to and after your period, avoiding those unforeseen stains.

Be one of the first to experience our seamless period-proof pants and join the waitlist here.


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