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What Do Gynaecologists Say About Menstrual Cups?

Curious to know what the experts have to say about menstrual cups? If you're considering making the switch to this eco-friendly period solution, we’ve got all the insights from gynaecologists that you’ll need to know. From understanding their benefits and challenges to uncovering the expert verdict, let's delve into the world of menstrual cups!

Understanding Menstrual Cups: Your Reusable Period Companion

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Menstrual cups are made of flexible materials like silicone, latex, rubber, or thermoplastic, and are inserted into the vaginal canal to collect menstrual blood. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable products, allowing you to make a positive impact on the environment while keeping your period under control.

Now, here's our favourite part—menstrual cups are reusable! Unlike single-use tampons and pads that end up in the rubbish after just one use, menstrual cups can be sterilised and used over and over again. More and more people are joining the menstrual cup revolution and embracing this fantastic alternative. So, our menstrual cup can be your loyal companion for years to come.

But, finding the right fit is crucial. Menstrual cups come in different shapes and sizes. So, make sure to choose the cup size that suits you best. Some cups are designed for those with a heavier flow, while others are perfect for our pre-teen and teens or those who haven't given birth yet. It's all about finding your perfect match!

Weighing the Benefits and Challenges: Is the Cup Worth the Hype?

Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty—the pros and cons of menstrual cups. First up, the benefits… and there are plenty!

  • Comfort and Convenience: With a menstrual cup, you can go about your day without a care in the world. Professionals say that many users find menstrual cups to be comfortable and convenient, especially among the younger generations who appreciate the ease of use.
  • Eco-Friendly: If you're all about saving the planet (and who isn't?), menstrual cups are right up your alley. Traditional disposable products generate a staggering amount of waste, with billions of pads ending up in landfills and sewer systems each year. By using a menstrual cup, you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. 
  • Goodbye Irritation: Your vagina deserves the best and menstrual cups can help eliminate vaginal irritation and dryness that can sometimes be caused by tampons and pads. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to happy, irritation-free periods!

But, let's keep it real and talk about the challenges too.

  • Initial Learning Curve: Like any new skill, using a menstrual cup might require a little practice and patience. It's completely normal to feel a bit bewildered at first. With a few tries, you'll become a pro at inserting and positioning your cup correctly. Trust us, it's worth it!
  • TSS Risk: But it's important to mention that there is a slight risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) associated with menstrual cups, just like with tampons. But, by following proper hygiene practices and adhering to the guidelines, you can minimise this risk and enjoy worry-free periods.
  • Public Toilet Dilemma: Needing to change your menstrual cup in a public toilet can be a bit tricky, we won't lie. But here's a little tip: always have a backup plan or alternative products like tampons or pads handy for those unexpected situations.

Expert Perspectives on Menstrual Cups: What Do the Pros Say?

Now it's time to hear from the experts themselves—gynaecologists. They have some fantastic insights to share:

Gynaecologists agree that menstrual cups are an excellent option that has been gaining popularity over the years. They highlight the environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to better track your flow as major draws.

One thing the professionals want you to know is that menstrual cups don't absorb your menstrual blood like tampons and pads do. Instead, they collect it. This unique feature makes menstrual cups not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. It's a win-win situation! Remember, finding the right size and ensuring proper placement are key to a comfortable and leak-free experience. So, don't hesitate to consult your gynaecologist or GP if you have any concerns or questions.

Embrace the Cup Revolution

While there may be a slight learning curve on your menstrual cup journey, the benefits of comfort, convenience, and reduced environmental impact make them a worthy contender. Professionals have given their stamp of approval, and with proper usage and care, you can enjoy a liberated and sustainable period experience.

Are you ready to embrace the cup revolution? Your body, the planet, and your wallet will thank you! Remember, if you have any concerns or questions about using a menstrual cup, reach out to your gynaecologist for personalised guidance. Happy cupping!

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