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Recycling Myths

    We’re optimists here at DAME and in terms of the plight of our planet we try to stay upbeat and positive because we know that we’re best poised to make more of an impact if that’s the case. When it comes to recycling though, we can’t help but feel a bit peeved, to put it lightly, that the recycling system globally is broken. If you’re engaged and interested in environmental issues then you may have heard that we here in the UK are shipping most of our recycling to Malaysia. It’s shocking really but the UK only has a handful of specialist recycling plants for compostable plastics and the more general recycling plants, again, of which there aren’t...

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A tampon applicator is a choice, not a cause for shame.

 @gracekingswell PERIODS ARE COMPLICATED, UNCOMFORTABLE AND INDIVIDUAL - LET'S RESPECT THAT   Period shaming. Why are we still doing it? I think every menstruating person out there has probably dealt with a particularly nasty cycle at least once in their lives and some of us deal with crippling pain, heavy blood flow and emotional upset every single month. So I find it unfathomable that, riding our wave of eco-friendly activism, we’re still okay to shame each other about what type of period products we chose to use. Yes, some are clearly better for the planet than others, there’s the equivalent of 5 plastic bags in one pack of sanitary pads, but ultimately I believe that if you choose to use...

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Do You Need to Wash Your Clothes?

  Does your bra need washing? But really, though, does it? How often do you wash your clothes? Are you an ‘after every wear’ kinda gal or a ‘I wash my jeans by putting them in the freezer’ type? In a recent interview Stella McCartney said: “Basically, in life, rule of thumb: if you don’t absolutely have to clean anything, don’t clean it.” I am all here for this statement, especially as the bulk of this post is going to be about microfibres (bear with while I give you my humorous preamble), but I question whether Stella has ever been on the Central Line at rush hour during the summer? My guess is no.      DID YOU KNOW WE'RE...

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Why B Corps are Changing the World

Image via Maggie Stephenson   B Corp, or B corporation, is the term used for any for-profit organisation or business that has been certified by B Labs as meeting higher standards of accountability, transparency and performance across their entire societal and environmental performance. That’s the technical terminology but the salient point to note here is that B corporations are a growing group of companies harnessing the power of business to bring about the necessary change our world so desperately needs.  B Corps aren’t just for the planet, they’re for people too and the certification process involves criteria as diverse as gender equality and climate action. In fact, B Corps are aiming to hit the UN’s 17 Sustainable development goals, which...

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Is Plastic The Real Problem?

    We’ve managed to demonise plastic so hard core recently that most of us are stumbling home from the supermarket arms laden with loose produce because we forgot our reusable tote bag again. Whilst we’ve become lazy with our use of plastic, using it for pretty much everything when we could so easily do without (plastic applicator tampons hello), let’s not forget the huge advances in healthcare, both from a nutrition point of view and a medical one, industry, technology and agriculture, that we’ve been able to achieve alongside the invention of plastic.     TIME TAKEN FOR A COFFEE CUP, CAN, NAPPY, PLASTIC BOTTLE AND FISHING NET TO DEGRADE   However, it’s our attitude to plastic that is...

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