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We want to make periods positive for people and the planet. We have an ambitious mission, and we are at the beginning of a long journey. To achieve this mission we’re going to need unbridled creativity, bottomless passion, and keep ourselves to the highest standards.

We needed to create an advisory board who could see what the future held, because they were going to shape it; a board who called bullshit on greenwashing because they had to live with the consequences; and a board passionate about creating a fairer society, because they know we can do better. It wasn’t easy, but we found them… and they’re all teenagers.

Meet DAME’s 2022 Youth Board, made up of 6 girls aged 17-18. They will sit on our youth board for one year, guiding key decision making within the company, contributing fresh ideas, and ensuring DAME is held accountable not just to today’s standards, but tomorrow’s too.

Arguably periods are at their least positive, and indeed most negative, during a bleeder’s teenage years. It’s where confidence is lost, taboos take root, and unsustainable habits are formed. How quickly would that change if they were put in charge of decision making instead of middle-aged men who don’t menstruate?

The best way to empower girls? Actually empower girls.



Maddie, 18

Leadership found Maddie young. Last year she was elected the Equality Ambassador for her school, and it’s not surprising given her charisma, ability to make people feel included, and passion for change. 

A personal revelation of Maddie's has been that a learning disability, which she for years perceived as a weakness is in fact one of her biggest strengths, helping her see unusual solutions to problems which others can’t see - something we saw to full effect at the DAMEchangers camp.

Her plan is to go on to study Environmental Politics and Feminism at university - if DAME did degrees…

Currently listening to/watching:I’ve just started watching Fleabag, and my fave song at the moment is "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddey




Hen, 17

Hen is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in. She is fed up with women and girls not being heard, and certainly not being listened to. At only 17 she has already spoken at national and global events, such as the Labour Party Conference and COP26, on topics ranging from sexual assault, girls education and climate policy.

For Hen everything is connected. She cares deeply about the environment, but sees what she calls “social sustainability” as just as important, “it’s only when we empower women and girls to take charge of their whole lives, that change becomes possible.” 

Currently listening to: Nonante-Cinq by Angèle - a feminist singer helping me learn French at the same time. And, of course, anything by Harry Styles!




Liz, 17

Liz is what you might call a ‘both sides of the brain’ thinker. She sees the world in both straight lines and curves. She’s a problem-solver who’s able to marry creativity and analysis.

Although not short of opinions, Liz sees listening as her superpower. She’s at her best when working with others, and loves nothing better than helping others develop and articulate their ideas.

Her role model is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) the youngest woman ever elected to the American Congress. Maybe it won’t be long until we see Liz in our own parliament. 

Currently listening to: re-listening to Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange" album and playing the song "Pursuit of Happiness", by Kid Cudi, MGMT and Ratatat, on repeat. 





Comfort, 17

Comfort is a passionate changemaker and a natural-born storyteller. She is brimming with new ideas and concepts, and has an ability to convey them with powerful language.

Her interests range from protecting the planet, race equality and ending period poverty. She has experienced first hand that period products are far from being optimized for the range of different periods people experience, and wants to work with DAME to change that.

Comfort is an aspiring social entrepreneur and brings buckets of entrepreneurial spirit to our Youth Board.

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Ruby, 18

Ruby isn’t happy just treating symptoms, she likes to get to the roots of a problem. Blessed with an analytical mind, Ruby has the patience to deeply research the issues she is passionate about and find the best solutions. 

Don’t be fooled by Ruby’s love for logic, there’s more to this changemaker than just analysis. Ruby is a brilliant team player and loves bringing people together. She also has a flair for design, as showcased by winning a pattern design competition at DAMEchangers.

Ruby can already see a potential career path for herself at the intersection of sustainability and financial markets, and is keen to understand the inner workings of a business. We’re sure DAME’s won't be the last board table she graces.

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Izzy, 18

Izzy is a budding product designer, passionate about solving problems for women. She wants to smash the glass ceiling that exists for women in many male-led sectors, such as design. 

Representation matters for Izzy. She wants to use empathetic design to ensure products for women are designed by women. Furthermore, she wants to make sure that sustainable products are not a luxury, and are accessible by all.

As a sportswoman she’s seen first-hand the impact of negative periods. She knows how daunting it can be to compete on your period, and wants to find ways to help girls feel confident and comfortable to enjoy sports when on their periods.

Currently listening to: The Diary of a CEO podcast; I’m loving listening to the experiences of highly successful business people, finding out their stories and how they became so successful.


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