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If you already feel comfortable washing your applicator in public, simply rinse with cold water, dry thoroughly and store away in your DAME cotton travel wallet.

We designed our applicators to be sleek, stylish and easy to use in both private and public toilets (but totally get that people have their own personal preferences), so we've listed some alternatives below:

Option 1: While still in the privacy of the cubicle, wipe off any blood from the applicator. Then at the sink, it's only a matter of rinsing the applicator in cold water and popping back into your DAME cotton wallet. Unless there’s a handy sink within the cubicle. 

Option 2: If there is no available running water when you are using your applicator, simply wipe off any excess blood with some toilet roll and store it in the travel pouch until you can rinse it properly later. Here the Sanipolymers® kick in. Your applicator is antimicrobial and will naturally fight off 99.9% bacteria all on its own. 

Have any tips for other applicator users? Let us know below! 👇🏽


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are £30 away from free shipping.
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