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DAME at Work

Create period-friendly spaces for your teams, pupils or customers.

In partnership with Bloody Good Employer

Period products should be freely accessible in public spaces


of women say they feel held back by their period at work

8 in 10

women have been stuck without period products at work

1 in 197

businesses have a period policy in the workplace


of women would like more period friendly workplaces


Introducing our new dispenser for your business, venue or school.

Compact yet high capacity, our new wall-mounted dispensers hold hundreds of our plastic-free organic cotton tampons and pads.

Washroom Dispenser

Easy to attach, easy to load, free delivery.


Organic cotton pads

Pack of 100 toxin-free pads


Plastic free tampons

100% organic and pesticide-free cotton.


Let's do this together

Tell us a little about your businesses, hotel, restaurant or school, and we'll create the perfect solution with you.

Organic Tampon Dispenser


Every refill supports period poverty via our charity partner, Bloody Good Period.

Organic Tampon Dispenser


I have to say the dispensers are beautiful! I’ve been showing to everyone I can, the products look great, and everyone is very excited about this partnership.

Isobel Hodgkiss
National Trust Services Co-ordinator

Our members really appreciate having access to sustainable period products, it aligns with our ethos and reflects our values as a workspace and an employer.

Hannah Robinson
ESG, Sustainable Ventures

It's been great to support period poverty and partner with a truly sustainable brand, all whilst making making our space period friendly!

Jamie Patterson
General Manager, Komedia


How do we order a dispenser?

To order a dispenser for your organisation, either place an order on this page, or to get a quote for larger orders, click this link.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the metal dispenser starts at £140.

The plastic dispensers starts at £100.

However, we can offer the dispenser for free based on order volumes.

To get a quick quote, click here.

Is the dispenser wall-mounted or freestanding?

The dispenser is designed to be wall-mounted for easy accessibility and space efficiency in corporate environments.

How long is the delivery time for the dispenser?

Delivery times can vary based on location and order volume.

Typically, our standard delivery time for the dispenser is 3 working days.

What are the dimensions of the dispenser?

The dispenser dimensions are equivalent to A4 size, typically measuring approximately 8.27 inches by 11.69 inches.

This compact design is ideal for convenient installation.

How many sanitary pads and tampons does the dispenser hold at once?

The dispenser is designed to hold approximately 60 sanitary pads and 150 tampons at once, providing convenient access for users.

Are there any branding or customisation options available?

Yes! We offer branding and customization options for the dispenser. 

Please click here to discuss how we can personalize the dispenser to align with your corporate branding and requirements.

How do we install the dispenser?

Installing the dispenser is quick and straightforward!

Just secure it to the wall using the provided hardware - typically four screws in the corners, and follow the included instructions.

Does the dispenser come with an installation guide?

Yes, the dispenser comes with an installation guide that typically includes the necessary hardware (such as screws and anchors) and instructions for mounting it securely on the wall.

Once installed how do we reorder it?

To reorder the dispenser, please email us at or click here.

What is the average cost of refills?

The average cost of refill is starting at £36 for pads (x100) and £26 for tampons (x100), with discounts at volumes.

How often does the dispenser need to be restocked?

The frequency of restocking the dispenser depends on usage patterns, but typically, it may need to be restocked every few weeks to ensure a continuous supply of sanitary pads and tampons.

Who do we reach out to if we need support with the dispensers?

If you need support with the dispensers, please contact our customer service team for assistance or click here.

Does the dispenser require batteries or electrical support?

No, the dispenser does not require batteries or electrical support.

Is the dispenser manual or automatic?

The dispenser operates manually, with users only being able to take 1 or 2 at a time.

What materials is the dispenser made from?

The dispenser is made from recycled plastic, emphasizing sustainability and durability for corporate environments.

What is the return policy for the dispenser?

There is a 30 day return policy on all our dispensers.

Can the dispenser be moved easily if we decide to relocate it?

Yes, the dispenser can be moved easily by unscrewing it from the wall and reinstalling it in a new location using the provided hardware.

Is there any discount on the bulk orders?

Yes! You can get your dispensers for free depending on the type and volume, just get in touch here.

Does the dispenser require any maintenance?

Maintenance for the dispenser is minimal, just regular checks and refills.

How secure is the dispenser from potential tampering or theft?

Our metal dispenser is lockable, with 2 keys so you have a spare. Our plastic dispenser is flush to the wall, wall mounted, and refilled from the back!

What is the lifespan of the dispenser?

Our dispensers are robust and structurally sound, lasting years and years!

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