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DAME reusable pads

We're deeply sorry for any delays

Launching our pads has been our greatest challenge. We tried to give you the best experience but while some things have been out of our control, we haven't managed the rest as well as we should have.
DAME was founded on the belief that period companies need to be more honest and transparent. We want to do just that.

100% too cautious

After launching the pads we were blown away by their popularity and were underprepared for this. Being a small company, we err on the side of caution - we should have planned for success.

Brexit x Covid = headache

Like many businesses, the unpredictability of Covid presented a series of logistical challenges - made more acute because we have particular ethical requirements and our products are made by hand. Some of the effects were: materials being stopped at borders, difficulty training new staff, local lock downs along our supply chain, and irregular transport. Keeping you more informed of these set backs would have been best.

What we've learned

Our greatest learning from all of this is to improve communication with you, our valued community. Despite constantly thinking the road ahead was clear, time again we kept being knocked back. We should have been clear about our uncertainty, then expectations would have been set. Our intentions were honest, but for the break in communication, we're very sorry.

As always, should you have any feedback or questions about your order or products, we now have a dedicated customer service team who would be delighted to help you. Please message them at


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are £30 away from free shipping.
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