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Tampon Subscription Starter Set

Your mix of 34 organic cotton tampons delivered through your letterbox when you need. Your first order comes with a bathroom storage tin and a zip storage pouch.

You can adjust, skip, or cancel anytime.

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Our cotton is grown on GOTS certified farms without pesticides, meaning our farms and farmers stay healthy, and so do you. Unlike conventional tampons, DAME tampons are free from any chemicals, additives or plastic. And they're fully biodegradable.

So when you throw a DAME tampon in the bin, it will return to nature without causing chemical or plastic pollution.


Sideways expansion for trusted leak-free protection.
Hypoallergenic and pH neutral for sensitive skin.
Delivered in a letterbox friendly pack.


Our tampon boxes are made from recycled sources and are 100% recyclable, because we're not into cutting down trees.

DAME tampon wrappers are made from cellophane, a substance made from cellulose. It's derived from wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed plantations. It's non-recyclable but completely biodegradable.

The wood pulp carries FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Chain of Custody certifications.

Organic tampon subscription

How it works

Customise your delivery

Pick the absorbency you need and choose your frequency (typically 2 months works for the average period).

Free delivery - always

We promise free delivery for our tampon subscription customers - it’s our way of saying thanks for the support.

Stay in control

You can easily pause, skip or cancel your subscription from your personal account portal, as well as view past orders.

How you benefit

80% of our customers report some or all of these benefits
within just 90 days:

How the world benefits

Over 200,000 farmers die each year
due to pesticide exposure.
Our cotton is grown on organic
farms without pesticides. This means
happier farmers, healthier farmland,
and protects biodiversity.



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We'll deliver DAME organic, toxin-free tampons to your door, postage free (UK only). So you'll never have to do that last minute corner shop tampon dash again. Each delivery contains 34 non-applicator tampons which we've found lasts 2-3 cycles. Choose your absorbency and set your frequency. Enter your delivery and payment details. You're good to go.

Subscriptions can be purchased in the following absorbencies:

34 regular
17 regular & 17 super
34 super
17 super & 17 super plus
17 regular & 17 super plus
Our tampons are perfect to use solo, or with our reusable tampon applicator.

P.S. We believe subscriptions should be easy. That's why ours is a fully flexible affair. Skip, adjust or cancel at any time.


It's up to you. We've found that one subscription pack of 34 tampons typically lasts 2-3 cycles. So it's up to you whether you want this delivered monthly, every 2 or 3 months (or more!)

You can easily skip, adjust or cancel as you need. Get in touch if you have any questions about our tampon subscriptions.

Please note DAME tampon subscriptions are currently only available to UK customers.


We now offer three absorbencies of tampon - all made from our 100% organic & toxin-free cotton:

Regular Tampons which absorb 6-9 grams of blood (good for most days of your period)Super Tampons which absorb 9-12 grams of blood (extra absorption for heavier days) Super Plus tampons which absorb 12-15 grams of blood (we've got you covered for the heaviest days)

Make sure to always use a tampon with the minimum absorbency to match your flow.