⚠️  Please remove lid before use.Using the DAME Reusable Applicator for the first few times requires a bit more care than a disposable applicator. It's not single use, so a few more things have to be considered. Like all new things, it might take a few goes to find what works for you.  Here are some pointers to help make being a period pioneer that much easier - but please doget in touchif you'd like to chat more about using your applicator.


The applicator is made of three parts: The Lid + The Applicator + The Plunger

Every part contains SanipolymersⓇ, natural antimicrobial elements that help guarantee a hygienic surface.  

Our applicator has been time tested for optimum performance up to 10 years, but if treated well, there’s no reason why it can’t last much longer. 


Wash your hands, remove the applicator lid, unwrap your tampon and unravel the string.  

Our applicator works with any standard tampon.  There are three different ways of inserting your tampon into the applicator - depending on the size of your tampon, you might want to try a few different ways.

The Top Loader: Peel back the applicator petal with your index finger and load the tampon from the top. Works especially well for larger tampons.

Once your tampon is loaded, get into a comfortable position and  insert the applicator into your vagina. Push the plunger into the applicator until the tampon is fully inserted. Gently remove the applicator and plunger, leaving the tampon fully inserted. 

When it’s time to remove your DAME tampon, pull it out gently and slowly (unlike most tampons which have a plastic coverstock, ours are made from pure organic cotton). 


We’ve made the applicator with self-sanitising technology, so caring for it is easy. In between uses rinse it under cold water, wipe dry with a clean paper towel, and store it in your breathable travel wallet. 

If you don’t have immediate access to a sink, don’t worry. Just wipe your applicator with a tissue, put the lid back on and store it in your pouch. You can then give it a good rinse next time you get to a tap. The self-sanitising technology will always be working in the background to stave off germs. 

And there’s no need to disinfect or sterilise your applicator in between periods. Boiling water, chemicals or harsh treatment will compromise the antimicrobial materials and shorten its lifetime.


“Try it on the second day of your period or when you have the heaviest flow and when you are in your own home. Take your time while trying to get used to it - it soon becomes second nature.”

“Make sure you read the instructions a couple of times and listen for the click when the two pieces of applicator are pushed together before pulling it out.” 

“Don't be scared to just treat it like normal, and to practice putting a tampon in it and pushing out before you try to actually use it inside your body.”

“Don't be concerned about the size of the applicator. I thought that it looked a lot bigger when I received my applicator but this isn’t the case when using it. I think this is the easiest, most comfortable applicator I have ever used.”

“I was initially worried about washing it in the bathroom at work, but now I really don’t care. It’s not nearly as messy as I thought it would be.”