3 Tips To Pitch Your Business

Getting investment for any small business is tough. Trying to get investment for a business which is female-focused and talks about periods is particularly challenging, especially when the sad fact is that most of the investors out there are grey-hair men. Here are our top 3 tips we learnt:


1. Me Me Me

If you are an early stage company, hands down potential investors will be looking at you first and your business second. If they are any good they will realise that your business plan will inevitably change along the way and it's how you navigate those changes which is the important thing. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be hot on your numbers and know your business inside and out, and truly believe in it. But don't sit back and let your presentation do the talking, it's you they want to hear from.


2. Practice makes perfect

Don't save yourself for your dream investor. Odds are your pitch will need perfecting and sitting in a padded room and repeating it to yourself is not the answer. Start your first few tries with less intimidating leads who you can trip up and slip up with so that when that top dog comes along you are ready.


3. Same Same But Different

Realise not everyone is the same and don't let bad experiences defeat you. Yes we had bad investor meetings - the guy who came along not knowing what our service was and then couldn't look me in the eye once he found out was a really fun way to spend an hour. However some of our current investor are guys and we love them because they bring drive and passion to DAME and they realise that periods are not niche.  And yes, we do have female investors which is awesome and a kickass female chairwoman who is too epic for words. So plough on and throw yourself out there and you will find good things coming back to you from places you hadn't expected.

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