Smart Snacking

Your period is about to come and you want to eat EVERYTHING. IN. SIGHT.

Literally you would eat the post box if it was filled with little chocolate eggs. The ones with squidgy ganache bits inside. With no foil on so you can just pop them in quicker. Mmmm.

Days and ££s are wasted trying to find the sweetest or saltiest treats to fling into this ravenous cavern so that your brain can get back to functioning on something else other than blinking food. Why does your tummy feel like a bottomless pit with a monster inside that will never be satisfied until it has had its fill? 

Stocking up

The reason is that during ovulation your body is getting ready for a potential pregnancy.  It wants to be stocked and ready just in case. Therefore when the oestrogen and progesterone hormones peak during that time they trigger a hunger response telling you to get some grub now. Also your body's basal metabolic rate speeds up just before and during the early part of your period to fuel the process of menstruation, increasing the hunger pangs. This was more important back when we were roving cavewomen and food was harder to come by. However with the abundance of corner shops and Cadbury's, now that is not the case.

Jumbo bars of junk food are just empty calories.  After the small spike in happy-happy (serotonin and dopamine) you get after you chomp away, you will crash back down again. Often feeling lower and hungrier than before.

Smart snacking

Smart snacking is the key. Go for foods that are as deliciously sweet or sumptuously savoury, but that are also doing clever things in your body.  This means slow release energy so that the hunger doesn't return. And, double whammy, you won't eat as much and so you'll be saving those ££. Obviously this needs to go alongside general healthy eating. You know the score, more greens, pulses, lean meat and fish. But for those PMS days where the growl is just too much then snack smart. If you are cray cray for chocolate go as dark as you can. Swap refined sugar for equally sweet snacks with natural sugars.  Check out what we recommend:

Doisy & Dam Maca, Vanilla & Cacao is 74% dark chocolate and has the added benefit of maca which is known for it's hormone balancing effects.




This Rawcha Cacao and Goji bar has no refined sugar and is gluten-free but still tastes amazing. It gives you a good kick of omega-3 oils, protein and antioxidants which can help with irregular period.



Gluten and wheat-free, Clearspring Almonds are not only slow release energy in a packet, but this classic tamari sauce – made using organic whole soya beans by a family business in Japan with over 500 years of history, is mind-bendingly delicious.


Cashews, dates, sultanas, goji berry, almonds - tick. These naturally sweet and energy filled bars feel too indulgent to be any good for you. However they contain no added sugar or gluten and we can vouch that they satisfy any tummy ogre.




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