Helping vulnerable women

Our mission is to provide free sanitary products to every vulnerable woman in the UK.
The problem
Much of the discomfort of street homelessness is easy to imagine – the biting cold, fear, broken sleep, and psychological toll of trying to survive without money and shelter. Other more everyday aspects of life we take for granted often get forgotten, however, but for many homeless women, the discomfort of menstruation is intensified by their situation.
Meet Jill
Jill is a homeless woman in her late 20s. She explained over a cup of coffee how embarrassing she found dealing with menstruation when she first became homeless. ‘I used to just get loads of tissues from public loos, instead of pads, but it’s a mess. And you’ve got no clean underwear,’ she says. ‘You feel dirty anyway, don’t you. But you just feel disgusting and there’s nothing you can do.’
Our plan
We've teamed up with several London charities* to achieve our goal. Using their established networks and distribution centres, we're able to ensure as many vulnerable women as possible can benefit from DAME free hand outs.
We’ve provided nearly 50,000 pads and help over 300 women on a regular basis. Exciting progress, but there’s much more to do.
If you know a charity that works with vulnerable women? We'd love to help, please get in touch.
And in the meantime...
Homeless Gif
* Amongst others, St. Mungo's Broadway, The Chrysalis Project, Cardboard Citizens 

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