We loved our owls and we'll miss them as much as you. Born from good feathery stock in the cosiest corner of our creativity, they flew to women everywhere, truly uniting the kingdom - or queendom as they called it. They were specialists in delivering small lightweight parcels of sanitary ware with pin point accuracy and oodles of love.
Sadly, as their deliveries increased in number, the distances they flew larger, and the boxes they carried heavier, they started to struggle. Winston got wheezy, Martha got a bad case of Box Wing, and Gerald went a bit mad. Reggie was the only owl to see the course and after consultation our feathery friends decided to retire*. We are very grateful to them for starting us on our journey...


Because we've changed, and for the better. We had so many requests for extra products in boxes, that we decided to add a whole lot more. Now, as well as the usual mix of tampons and pads (plus almost any other period products like painkillers and heat pads), you can choose from a range of beauty and wellness essentials, as well as a few edible comforts. Choose from vitamins, probiotics, eye masks, chocolates, health supplements, and tea bags - all carefully sourced so you get only the best in your box.
We're no longer focused on tampons and pads alone. We deliver a more wholesome package for today's woman wanting to live a more wholesome life without sacrificing their precious time or adding to their growing to-do lists. 


As our focus has shifted, we wanted a name that encompassed all the things we stand for, not just periods and sanitary products. We needed a name that represented strength, confidence, and femininity without being patronising or pink. A name that was short, with a bit of punch, but was not aggressive. 
So like all great rebrands we sat on the idea for a few weeks, churning out names over and over - loving them one second, disgusted by them the next - until out popped DAME. We knew it was a keeper because we neither loved it nor loathed it. It was a grower. The best sort.
DAME isn't used much in our daily lexicon, so we've dusted it off and given it a bit of shine. For us it embodied, control, strength, reliability, experience, and ultimately, female achievement. Dames win. Dames are recognised.
We are always looking to improve the way women manage their periods. We are constantly looking to evolve and deliver more in the best way possible.  We feel DAME is a future-proof brand that carries our core values of confidence and achievement... and be at your service for many years to come.

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